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                                                Welcome to Terrapin Home Services

With today's active lifestyle, extra time is no longer a luxury; it is a defining factor in one's life. To help manage your time, Terrapin Services was created with the intention to offer exceptional services to a range of clientele. From time-stretched individuals, retirees, to corporate executives, the possibilities are endless.


Terrapin Services offers clients with the utmost in professional and personalized services. Over many years we have connected with a network of leading local and national partnerships. Because of this, we are able to provide a wide range of comprehensive services for clients, from basic home watch - cleaning services, home repairs, scheduled maintenance, landscaping, pool service, and much more. Additionally, our extensive concierge division includes services such as errand running, dinner parties, chauffeured transportation, airport pick-up/drop-off, travel arrangements, dinner reservations, and securing exotic car rentals. The only limit to what we will do is the client's imagination and the legality of the task.

Terrapin Services house a staff of intelligent, client-relations professionals who will work diligently to ensure the utmost in customer care. We focus on building a personal relationship, enabling you to trust Terrapin Services with all of your management and service needs. This relationship further allows Terrapin Services to tailor services to your personal preferences as well as anticipate your needs.                                  


Terrapin Services is a trustworthy company whose mission is to ensure happiness and relief to all its clients. Whether the request is small or large, we will provide nothing but the best in quality and excitement.   

Energy   from  Nature


"Brent Sibley has been working for my husband and I for the past two years doing home watch for our Naples home. He is very trustworthy, and very reliable and dependable.  I feel very much at ease when I am away from our home knowing that he is keeping his eyes on things, and also knowing that when needed he is quick to respond and readily available to help out whenever needed.  I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home watch service."

/ Regina Gracie, Talis Park resident



National Home Watch Accredited
Terrapin Home Watch is a member of the National Home Watch Association which only grants accreditation to companies that meet criteria for insurance and bonding and are in good standing with customers and organizations such as the Better Business Bureau and agree to abide by the association’s code of ethics and mission statement.
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