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Additional Services by Request


Opening for Arrival


Turn on hot water heaters, reset air conditioner to specified setting, Plug in appliances and electronics, set clocks on stove and microwave, Turn on ice maker, flush toilets, run faucets, lightly febreze fabrics and carpets, turn on an outside light, run dishwasher on short cycle.


Closing after Departure


Turn off hot water heater, unplug specified electronics and appliances, set air conditioner to away setting, remove spoilable items, turn off ice maker and dispose of ice, make sure garbage and recycling is put out, place baking soda in the refrigerator, place bleach in toilet bowls, make sure doors and windows are secure.


Contractor Supervision


Coordinate or monitor repairs and services, open house for contractors and delivery personnel, close and secure home when finished.


Storm Preparation


  • Pre-storm Inspection and Preparation

  • Post Storm Assessment and Clean-up

      (Includes full photo report)


Concierge Services


  • Vehicle Transportation

  • House Cleaning

  • Pressure wash - house /lanai /driveway 

  • Handyman Services

  • Airport Pick-up or Drop-off 

  • Take in or out lanai furniture

  • Watering inside and lanai plants

  • Purchase Groceries

  • Change AC Filters, Smoke Detector Batteries, Light Bulbs

  • Pick up Prescriptions / Dry Cleaning

  • Accept Deliveries to your home or our office

Auto Care


  • Start vehicle

  • Visually check under vehicle for leaks

  • Move to prevent flat spots on tires

  • Fuel Refill

  • Take vehicle to the Carwash / Detailing

Peace and Love

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