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Terrapin Home Services FAQS


How often should I schedule a Terrapin Home Services observation?


That is a personal decision based entirely upon your needs.   Some people schedule monthly observations, while others prefer weekly observations. The most common service we provide is an observation every other week, however it is up to you to decide what you are comfortable with.


Why do you charge $30.00 or more per observation?


As a licensed and experienced home inspector, we provide value by having the training necessary to properly identify and report on problems with the systems in and around your home.  Other companies charging lower rates may not have properly trained staff who are experienced at locating and reporting on issues. Also, you have the peace of mind knowing that we will be the only person authorized to enter your home for observation.


Will having a home watch company look after my home prevent problems?


Unfortunately, problems happen with homes and there is no service that can predict and/or prevent most issues.  However, with periodic home watch observations, there is a greater opportunity to catch problems when they are small and correct them before they become bigger issues. An example would be fixing a slipped tile before it causes a roof leak. So, although we do not guarantee or warranty anything, using our service could help prevent issues from getting out of control.


My neighbors are nosy. Are you going to talk with them about my house?


We respect the privacy of our clients and do not discuss their property or whereabouts with neighbors, clients or unauthorized people.


What happens if there is an emergency on the property?


If we observe an emergency situation while observing the property we will first attempt to contact you by phone. If that is unsuccessful, we will take whatever action is necessary to limit any further damage to the property. Typical items in this category would be a water leak or a broken window.


Do you repair things that break?


We feel that doing repairs for clients is a conflict of interest so we avoid making a profit off of repairs. However, we can recommend certified repair companies and provide access to workmen to do estimates and conduct any repairs as necessary and follow up with reports during and after the work has been completed.


Do you take care of plants or pets?


We do care for plants but unfortunately do not take care of pets as part of the home watch observation.


Do you have a criminal background?


Employee records are completely free of any arrests or convictions in any criminal matters.  Furthermore, as a licensed home inspector in the state of Florida, we would be required to report any arrests at the time they happen and not at conviction.  We have also gone through a background check with the FBI and our fingerprints are on file.


Are you going to look through my stuff?


We do not open drawers or look inside furniture or other items that do not have to do with the home watch process.  The only cabinets we open are the ones under sinks to determine if there are any leaks.   We open closet doors to examine ceilings for signs of leakage but do not move clothing or other personal items unless there is something to indicate a problem in that area.



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